PlanBET Estrategias, a professional and life project
Esther Trujillo founds PlanBET Estrategias in May 2012, from a personal vision based on experience. Its value proposal is grounded on the knowledge gained from years of work in manifold organizations, where she has managed different projects in the field of values, relations, ethics, and social responsibility. PlanBET aims to fulfill the need for a new way of understanding values, and the impact they can have in internal and external organizational relations
We believe that…
responsibility lies in the way that organizations and individuals manage their relations.
We help others so that…
they can think deeply and come to understand who they are, what they are actually looking for, and what are the values and conducts that inspire their internal and external relations.
Because responsibility, values, ethics, relations…require good planning and need to be managed.
Because we believe that a deeper understanding of values and relations is a courageous bet.
Because everything we do is strategic, that means taking a few steps back in order to get a complete view, set objectives and then make decisions and move forward.
As a symbol of looking for a balance between the internal and external, saying and doing, requesting and offering…